Update on Reznor

Update on Reznor

A Happy tale from Reznor


We all love a good rescue story – so here’s an update on Reznor from his lovely owner Barry.

‘We weren’t actively looking for another rescue dog until I volunteered at Teckels and met Rez.  Rez was one of a litter of 8 puppies, whose mother had been a working Collie who had escaped from an Irish Farm.  We had him DNA tested by two different companies and although Collie is in there it’s very low! He’s apparently a Husky 50%/Akita/Rottweiler/Labrador Retriever/Collie cross. Not that any of that matters as he is the most handsome, sweetest, funniest, gentle, playful character that you could wish for.

He CHOSE me that day. I walked past his kennel 15-20 times, each time he was sitting in the sleeping area, looking at me smiling, with his front paws together and I could tell he was wagging his bottom. As I walked past the run area he’d be at the back with his paws on the kennel cage wagging away, and after this happened around 10 times I thought “Who is this lovely dog?” so I popped into the run to say hello and gave him some affection. I really shouldn’t have done that, because I instantly fell in love with this boy. WOW, he was (and still is) so outgoing, passive and friendly. He just melted my heart on the spot.

I carried on working for a few hours but couldn’t stop thinking about Rez. I eventually enquired to see if he was available for rehoming and then called my partner and asked her to catch a cab from Cirencester to meet him. She said that if he was that ‘special’ that I should drive home to pick her up after my shift…. which I did. I knew it was a risk as she wanted a Whippet and not as big boy as Rez was going to become (he’s doubled in size from 17kg to 34kg!). Just a minute after meeting him she saw what I saw and said OK. We have another dog, Squeaky, who is 5 years older than Rez but very active, so we needed to make sure that the balance between them was right and BINGO it was perfect!

I believe in fate, and that Rez was supposed to get my attention that day. He is the perfect dog, we call him ‘easy’, because he is. He gets on perfectly with Squeaky and we couldn’t be happier. We often find the 2 dogs sleeping close by to each other or on our bed together. What a great life they have.

So, thank you Teckels. Having volunteered to clean kennels and dog walking I have great respect for you all as I’ve experienced how extremely hard you all work. Keep up the great work.’

And thank YOU Barry for sharing your lovely story x


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