Teckels Animal Sanctuaries – Dodo or Phoenix?

Teckels Animal Sanctuaries – Dodo or Phoenix?

Last night, after weeks of self-isolation, I was watching the News at Ten and felt very grateful for the warm ball of fluff purring contentedly on my lap.  With impeccable timing he came into Teckels Rehoming Cattery just before lockdown  and Holly phoned to say she thought a cat had come in that I would like – yes, I fell in love immediately and would be feeling very lonely without him at the moment!

Now, however, anyone associated with Teckels is worried that this important community resource will become another casualty of the global crisis.

Fundraising has come to a standstill with the cancellation of all events such as quiz nights, fairs, dog shows, raffles, sponsored walks etc.  With unnecessary travel banned there is no boarding income, no donations of food, bedding etc  and a temporary suspension of the whole team of Corporate and individual Volunteers.  This is particularly distressing considering the very promising start to the year.

So I sat stroking my cat and wondering what I could do from home. 

Very little!  But I am better off as I am saving money.  On average I volunteer two or three days a week entailing at least a half hour drive each way plus the cost of that large mug of coffee to get me going in the morning.  Instead of free labour, if I donated to Teckels £5 per week for the next few months we would all be better off.   If only 50 of our many volunteers did the same we could perhaps raise as much as £3,000 or the equivalent of the cancelled Spring Fair and Dog Show.

Then the ball starts rolling:  donate money instead of food for the dogs and cats;  if you have ever re-homed through Teckels or boarded with us make a small donation and then we can hope to still be here when you are planning next year’s holiday.  Teckels are coping on minimum staffing levels at the moment.  Established over 20 years ago please don’t let us now fade into extinction. 

As dead as the proverbial Dodo or the Phoenix rising from the ashes?

The future of Teckels Animal Sanctuaries is in your hands.

Jane and Tai the cat

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