Rodborough Common Dog Walking Tree

Rodborough Common Dog Walking Tree

Dog Walkers Tree – Donations 2018

Dog Treats:   70 pkts, Large Tin of Treats, Wrapped Gifts: 5, Large Tin Dog Food:5, Regular Tin Dog Food:  94, Small Tin Dog Food: 9, Packet Food:  32, Box’s of Dog Food/Biscuits: 20, Big Bags Dog Food:  8, Leads/collars: 10, Poo bags: 1 pkt, Puppy milk:  6 bottles


Not forgetting our feline friends either!: Cat food tin:  7, Packet food (inc soup):  63, Cat treats:  2 pkts, Big bags food:  4, 1 bottle Pawsecco(!), Bag cat litter Plus……£263.11 cash/cheque donations!!

THANK YOU! to all donors and Organisers Becky Lazell and Martin Weager

Have a lovely 2019!


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