Rocking Roxy Update

Rocking Roxy Update

Remember Roxy the staffy who was with us for 8 years? We’ll here’s a heart-warming update from her owner Samm and his soon to be wife Leanne.

“We took Roxy in officially on the 1st December 2018 after 6 or so months of spending every Thursday and Sunday with her so she could get used to us.  We wanted to adopt her because no animal deserves to go pretty much their whole life without knowing what a truly loving home is like, and she was just amazing with us from the first day. It was almost as though she knew she was going to live with us one day.

Her character is unlike any dog I have ever come across. 6:30am, no matter what day it is, she wakes you by groaning because it is her breakfast time, and If you pretend to sleep, she gets louder and more in your face.   Her favourite place is on the sofa snoring like a pig, so you can’t watch your favourite TV.

Roxy has given us a reason to get up and work – so that we can pay to provide a roof over her head, and she has given us a different perspective of how to appreciate life – going from having nothing but the same thing for 8 years to having anything you want must be amazing! She knows how to put a smile on your face, and she is truly appreciative of everything, no matter how big or small.

For her 11 birthday we took her on her first holiday to Weymouth”.

Thank you so much Samm and Leanne for sharing your story with us. xx


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