Rest for a Rescue


This will help us to buy a rescue a comfy new bed, keep them toasty with heating, give them a cuddle buddy Teddy, or even buy a new audio CD to help them get to sleep.


Sleep is so important for rescue animals, as it is for humans, and just like us, we all have a preference for a particular type of bed, pillow and cosy blanket.

To ensure our animals are comfortable and have plenty of choice, we try to provide a variety of snuggly beds; from crates, to raised beds, hammocks, hide away beds, duvets, igloos and simple cardboard boxes (the favourite of many of our cats).
If a rescue animal is well rested, it’s more likely to cope in new situations and absorb any training. As well as comfy beds, we play audio CD’s to help them settle at night time. Their current favourite is Winnie the Pooh, but they are also loving the Rohl Dahl stories at Bedtime.

Some of our elderly cats like that bit of extra warmth from a microwave teddy, and the babies on site always have a good supply of big cuddly toys to snuggle up to.

Your voucher will help us to ensure every animal has the right bed for them, a new supply of audio CDs, and warm kennel/Pen, and a cuddle buddy if they want one.

As you can see from this photo of Periwinkle and Tinkerbelle, they loved to snooze on their bed together in the sunshine, Whereas some of our little kittens loved the fluffy de-stress bed (that we purchased for their mum.)

*Please note. You will be sent a printable version of our special vouchers once you have made a purchase*