Relief for a Rescue


All of our rescue animals need vet checks, flea and worm treatment, and any necessary medication. We also give them behaviour support to help them deal with any anxiety or worries they may have.


Each year we get over 300 dogs and cats through our doors needing help. At Teckels we ensure that every animal is given what they need and are cared for regardless of cost.

We neuter, flea and worm treat, and vaccinated each cat and dog as the bare minimum. If any animal is in need of extra care and treatment we go above and beyond to make them healthy, happy and comfortable again.

Some dogs and cats are very poorly and require Scans, blood tests, further operations or referrals, as you can imagine this all comes at a high cost, but at Teckels we have a non-destruction policy and will do whatever we can to make each animal better.

As well as the physical side, some animals have had traumatic pasts or need help coping in certain situations. The team at Teckels treat each animal as an individual. Our behaviorist, and experienced team of carers, work with each cat and dog in need to help them overcome their worries and stresses, and cope in new environments, this can be the most difficult but most rewarding part of the job.

Your donation will go to help animals like George, the ginger cat in the photo who had to have major surgery to wire his jaw back together, dogs like little dottie, who underwent tests and scans to help us identify her condition after being rejected by her breeder, and nervous little souls like spud the staffie cross, who you can see overcame his worries and built a great bond with his carers.

*Please note. You will be sent a printable version of our special vouchers once you have made a purchase*