Relaxation for a Rescue


This allows us to groom and pamper each animal in need, have extra fuss/cuddles, and purchase an Adaptil/Rescue Remedy plug in to help them settle.


We all know there’s no place like home. But at Teckels we strive to ensure that each dog is given the time to settle into their kennel environment and allow them to de-stress. Some dogs and cats easily take to their new surroundings, but others need a bit of support. We don’t rush any adoptions and allow each animal to find their feet and take things at their pace.

We like to use gentle shampoos for our dogs, and ensure they are groomed, de-matted and comfortable. We use adaptil or rescue remedy products with some rescue animals to help them settle, or if they are anxious in certain situations like vet visits, when travelling, and when they first arrive. The staff aim to keep first interactions calm and slow, until the dogs are ready to take the next steps.

At Teckels we like to give as many extra cuddles and snooze times in our two ‘home’ rooms that we have on site. These have comfy sofas, a radio, and areas they can nap if they just want to catch up on some sleep.

Dogs like little Shiloh here took a while to get to know us. But slowly he loved extra cuddle time and a gentle brush with his carer in the home rooms. He grew in confidence and made new doggy friends whilst at the centre too. He’s now been happily rehomed, but your donation can help many more dogs and cats like Shiloh…

*Please note. You will be sent a printable version of our special vouchers once you have made a purchase*