Refreshments for a Rescue


This will help to keep a dog or cats tummies full, surprise them with some yummy treats, or help us to by specialist veterinary food for those with particular dietary needs.


With lots of hungry mouths to feed, some with specialist dietary needs, feeding time at Teckels can be very busy indeed!

At Teckels we like to feed our animals good quality kibble, meat and treats, but this all comes at a cost. Some of our cats and dogs have gastro or kidney issues, this means they need a particular diet to help their bodies digest things properly. Others come to us severely under or overweight, so need special food plans to help them get to their goal weight.

We also use positive reinforcement training with all of our rescue animals, this means we use lots of treats day to day (especially if we have fussy eaters!) Others on medication need something sneaky to hide their tablets in like a tasty hot dog sausage or piece of cheese. Billy and Poppy that you can see if the photos are two little westies that are currently in foster care. Poppy is on a special kidney food, and Billy needs tasty treats to hide his daily medication in. Donations like yours will help us to ensure all of our kitchens are stocked with the food needed to keep our animals like Billy and Poppy healthy and happy, and give them the best chance of finding their forever homes.

*Please note. You will be sent a printable version of our special vouchers once you have made a purchase*