Recreation for a Rescue


This will help us to treat our rescues to new fun toys, scratching posts, assist us with paddock maintenance for play time, and purchase comfy leads & harnesses.


All most dogs and cats want to do here is play and eat lots of treats!

We work hard to ensure that all interactions with our animals are fun and positive. Your donation will help us to ensure that the play paddocks are well cared for and well stocked with things like ball pits, agility equipment and paddling pools for the summer. We also like to give our cats and dogs plenty of food puzzles and games to keep those brains working too! The cats adore the amazing cat towers, catnip toys and funky scratching posts in their pens when not snoozing.

When our dogs are exercised we like to use soft comfy harnesses and long-lines, but purchasing well fitting equipment can also be expensive. Your voucher will help to buy all the equipment needed for a comfy countryside stroll.

Otter and his pal Mowgli as you can see here, LOVE to play in the ball pit, go on walks in our nearby fields, but also learn a few new tricks (old dogs definitely can!)

They sadly came to us when their owner had to go into care, but are receiving all of the care and attention they need until they find their furever home.

Help us to make their stay with us as Fun as possible by purchasing a recreation voucher for the Teckels Cats and dogs.

*Please note. You will be sent a printable version of our special vouchers once you have made a purchase*