Become Dougies Lockdown Supporter



Dougie is looking for people to ‘virtually’ adopt him over the lockdown!

Become an Official Lockdown Supporter for Dougie and make a real difference- but without the responsibility that ownership comes with.

Sadly, Dougie is unable to be rehomed until after the lockdown period, because he has additional needs and will require extra support when rehoming happens.

Lockdown means that Dougie will be with Teckels for longer than he would have been and so the money raised from his Official Lockdown Supporters will go towards his longer term care – as well as all his dog and cat friends here too.

If you become an Official Lockdown Supporter, you’ll be emailed a certificate of thanks (can be posted on request) as well as some exclusive photos of Dougie and a final update on how he is doing at the end of February 2021.


(Note, you can become Dougie’s Lockdown Supporter at any time until 15th February at which point it will end and you will receive a final update on Dougie).

Please be aware that money from Lockdown Supporters will be treated as a donation and funds will be used where they are needed the most at Teckels- such as supporting our longer term residents, covering vet bills and providing treats to keep tails wagging.