Poor Piper needs your help

Poor Piper needs your help

4-year-old Piper was handed to us by her owner who, due to ill health was sadly no longer able to look after her.

Poor Piper arrived with some very painful sores in her ear and on her back. Thankfully our vet gave her a steroid injection she’s showing real signs of improvements and she’s due a second injection next week.

Piper is a very sweet friendly girl, despite having been in what must have been a lot of pain.

Piper will need a home where someone is around most of the day as she craves company and affection (she’s very much a lap cat).  She will need a pet free home but can live with children of 8 years and older.  Her new family will need to monitor her condition on an on-going basis and seek vet advice if required.

When it comes to cats and dogs, we believe that every animal deserves loving care irrespective of health, age or temperament. This includes sick animals like Piper, who require expensive veterinary treatment.

To donate to help Piper and animal like her visit www.bit.ly/SaveTeckels

To find out more about Piper email assistantmanager@www.teckelsanimalsanctuaries.co.uk




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