Po and Peepo

Po and Peepo


12-year-old brother and sister Po and Peepo arrived in February.  Although a very friendly and loving boy, Po seemed somewhat unwell.  After speaking to our vets, we decided to run some blood tests to see what might be wrong. It turned out that he had a very over active thyroid, a condition that would only get worse without treatment. We started Po on medication immediately, but 3 weeks later poor Po’s condition had deteriorated further, and a blood test confirmed that the medication wasn’t working.

So, on the advice of our vet we opted to have both his thyroid glands removed to give him a better quality of life. 3 weeks after surgery Po is brighter and happier, his eating and drinking is under control and we are delighted that both he and Peepo have been reserved for adoption and will shortly be heading to their new home.

We have all our fingers and paws crossed here at the centre that Po doesn’t require further treatment, and that he and his sister enjoy their new forever home.

When it comes to cats and dogs, we believe that every animal deserves loving care irrespective of health, age or temperament. This includes sick animals like Po, who require expensive veterinary treatment.

If you’d like to donate to help animal like Po please visit www.bit.ly/SaveTeckels

Thank you x




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