Morris and Lola

Morris and Lola

We have recently lost our last cats, Claudia & Tubbs who both reached the grand old ago of 19, with Claudia being put to sleep in January – She was very frail, deaf and blind and had ceased to enjoy life. After she had gone, I felt I needed a break from any kind of pet for a while but within a few weeks the house seemed very empty. We looked on Teckels website & found Lola & Shadow (as he was then called). They had come from a multi cat household in Sheffield where it had proved difficult to rehome them. We rang Teckels on a Sunday not expecting an immediate response but to our surprise & pleasure they invited us to come and see Lola and Shadow that day. We decided Lola was quite a nice, girly name so we would keep it, but I decided to rename Shadow Morris after the cat in the online game Bubble Witch Saga who is a bit of a magical black cat.

We were heartbroken at the loss of our two old cats & never thought they could be replaced in our affections but within a very short time we grew to love Morris and Lola just as much. Lola is very cuddly and affectionate; she likes to rub my face & enjoys a tickle on the chin and makes a little silent mew when she is happy. Her right paw is a standard white sock but the white area on her left paw goes a bit further and her third toe is black – it looks like a glove, so we call it her ‘jazz paw’.

Morris is plain black with a little white chest and ‘bikini’. He is very long & muscular with a pointy oriental head. He is a bit of a ‘birder’ already & insists on doing a patrol of our garden every morning. He is also a food thief & particularly loves scrambled egg, so we have to make him his own little portion. Morris and Lola have brought us so much happiness which we never imagined two new cats would. They don’t seem to have any ‘issues’ around rehoming, in fact it’s as if they have always been here. Lola seems to love us both equally. She sits on my husband’s lap in the evening but likes to cuddle up with me in bed. Morris isn’t really a lap cat, but he likes to walk all over me several times then curls up very close next to me or sits on his ‘blankie’ on the back of the sofa right next to me.

We are so pleased we adopted them. We often say we couldn’t have picked two happier, cuddlier cats & very cute ones too – at least, that’s what we think although we are biased!

Best regards Mandy.


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