JESS UPDATE We had wanted a dog for a long time, but as we were out of the house for about 12 hours a day, we believed it wouldn’t be fair to have one. So as soon as my husband knew he was going to retire he started looking at various rescue centres to see what was available. We originally found 2 dogs on the Teckels website, but these had already gone when my husband went to see them, so he was introduced to Jess (formerly known as Rhonda). Luckily for us, her details hadn’t yet been put on the website. My husband instantly fell in love with her and when I went to see her, we knew she was the dog for us. My husband retired in December 2016 and we collected Jess a few days afterwards. She was about a year old at the time and we have now had her for almost 2 ½ years.

Jess had been a stray and we think she might have had a bit of a tough life – she cowers or runs away at raised voices and either lies by the front door or in her bed. The wind and heavy rain freak hers out. If she hears a car door slam, she will run and sit by my husband. Strangest of all, when she hears the toilet flush, she will stop what she is doing and run to her bed. In the time we have had her she has grown in confidence and she makes us laugh every day.

Jess is highly intelligent and loves doing tricks, which she picks up really quickly – from the usual giving paws and high fives to balancing treats on her nose. Having cuddles and tummy rubs is an essential daily task. She enjoys her walks, chasing her balls and frisbee. She loves exploring in the woods and most of all loves the beach which is a real treat for her as we don’t go very often. My husband was hoping she was a dog that liked going in the sea, but she hates water – even jumpingover puddles so her feet don’t get wet. As you can imagine bath time is quite an ordeal (I usually get Chloe at Teckels to bath her!)

Jess is very special she is very friendly but also gentle, she loves people and children and other dogs and is a bit surprised when some dogs don’t feel the same towards her. She is frightened of cats after getting a smack on the nose from one. We have found that people that don’t really like dogs love her.

We feel like she has been with us forever and couldn’t imagine life without her. She has certainly enriched our lives. We don’t go far without her and have even driven to the north of Scotland tovisit family 3 times rather than put her in kennels.

Kind regards Marion.


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