How to adopt


Please note that all rehoming is done on an appointment only basis currently. You are not able to visit the centre and discuss rehoming at the moment. 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to adopt an animal from us. However we always consider the needs of each individual animal and we will take a lot of care to help you find the right dog or cat for you, your home and your lifestyle.

Due to Covid-19 we have had to adapt our rehoming procedure to ensure we are following health & safety guidelines whilst still retaining a thorough and high level of service. 

Our new procedure no longer begins with a visit to the centre, due to our reception area remaining closed for the foreseeable future. Instead, we now ask that you keep an eye on our website, and apply for a specific animal that you would like to adopt. 

 We ask that you email our team with the following details to apply for your chosen animal:

Please email with the name of the dog or cat you would like to apply for.

Also who is living at home and ages, what pets you have and their ages, temperaments, and whether they are neutered.

Your address and contact information so we are able to call you to discuss meeting if you are successful with the matching process.

If you own your own home or rent, and further information about your garden- is it secure? how high is the fencing etc

Your families working patern and how long the dog or cat would be left alone for on a daily basis. 

Whether you have any changes coming in the household within the next three months, such as a baby due, planned holiday or moving house etc.

What type of dog or cat you are looking for and why. 

What animals/relevant experience you’ve had previously (please note we do home to first time owners)

Contact number for us to call you for more info/talk about your application.

 This helps us to build a good picture of the right type of breed, age, temperament and needs of a pet that is right for you. We would ask you to fully engage with this process in an open and transparent manner, to avoid the likelihood of an adoption failing, which is upsetting for the adopter and traumatic for the animal returning to our care.

The most suitable home will be chosen for each animal, it is not a first come, first served basis. We will only be contacting successful applicants after the closing date for each animal.  

The next stage is to introduce a dog or cat to you in the presence of Teckels staff, which we will do by booking an appoitment with you. We will give you an honest assessment of the chosen dog or cat. This is based on the ongoing evaluations we have made since the animal has been in our care and we always make sure we give you as much information as possible. Sometimes you may need a few visits to fully assess your compatibility, and all members of the family who will be living with the animal (including any resident dogs) should have an introduction before the adoption takes place.

Meets will be done outside, in all weathers. Please keep this in mind when we offer you an appointment slot, as we will not move slots due to weather changes. We will also ask you to respect our PPE guidelines/social distancing rules at the centre. 

If everything goes well during this stage and you are happy to proceed, we will then conduct a home visit (for dog adoptions) with the proposed dog before you then complete the adoption paperwork and pay the adoption fee (currently £160 for a dog and £80 for a cat). This fee is only a contribution to the cost of caring for an animal in rescue until they are adopted, and we would ask all adopters to consider becoming a regular donor via Charity Checkout, as a way of continuing your support.

And then…congratulations, your dog or cat can go to their new furrever home with you!

After adoption

Please keep in touch…

We love to hear how ex-Teckels cats and dogs are enjoying their new homes. Why not send us a Happy Tail to feature on our web site?

Post-Adoption Support

We do understand that sometimes it can be a real challenge helping an animal overcome a difficult past and settle into a new home. In some cases this process takes a significant amount of time. We will always be honest with you about what we know of an animal’s past and how they are likely to react after adoption, but we often don’t know their full story. This is why we will happily offer a period of continued support and advice to any of our adopters after they have taken their new pet home.


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