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Happy tails

We love hearing about the animals you've adopted from Teckels! The stories below show just how adopting an animal can completely change their life as well as bringing a lot of happiness to their new owners.

Please contact us with your stories via our Facebook page, send us an email or write to us by letter. Thank you.

Pepper Pig

Today is Pepper Pigs Birthday and I rescued her from you 4.5 years ago - she is 5 today (31/10/17).
I have popped in to to see you all with her over the years - we have always been remembered and welcomed by your staff team, and helped along the way with any training she has needed.
She really is the perfect dog - fine with other dogs, brilliant with humans, children, cats - you really can get the perfect rescue if you put the effort in to enough exercise and a commitment to training - and of course love! Happy 5th Birthday to Pepper - centre to our family and loved just millions!!!!

Alfie and Margot

Thank you to Donna and Stuart for this wonderful update about Alfie and Margot, the kittens they adopted from Teckels.

"Alfie and Margot wasted no time in settling into their new home. They particularly enjoy the lounge window where they are able to catch the sun for most of the day – snuggling up together (as if they’re not warm enough!). They also like to keep an eye on delivery drivers, so this has proved an excellent spot on many fronts.

Ping pong balls and socks are the best toys to play with, although the favourite is still a cardboard box which has provided hours of fun and continues to do so (they ignored the expensive cat toy that was inside!).

They are besotted with their older brother and sister, Jack and Maisie, following them like shadows. They in turn want nothing to do with Alfie and Margot – but the babies keep trying anyway!"

Jimmy the lurcher

Jimmy (was Kojac) was adopted from Teckels in December 2016 and has truly landed on all four paws! His new family sent us an update.

"Just thought I would let you know that Jimmy is doing really well. We adopted him on 20th December 2016. Although he has to wear a muzzle for his fear aggression to other dogs he took it all in his stride. He is a lovely boy and I'm so glad we were allowed to adopt him. We have just sent off a DNA test to see what he is as if he is a lurcher it might help with understanding his character. Here are a few pictures. Thank you for all your hard work at Teckels x."

Figgy and Pudding

Jenny and Nick sent us a lovely update on their two adopted cats, Figgy and Pudding. 

"A few pictures (from the millions taken) of the life-changingly-wonderful Figgy and Pudding! They are loving life and settled within hours of arriving home with us.THANK YOU!"


We were very happy to hear from the new family of the wonderful Marley, who sent the following update.

"Marley has settled in well. He is very clever and is loving life with doggie training classes. He loves to bounce through the long grass and to follow rabbit scent, which is where the trouble begins and he won't come back...... We have bought a training lead which gives him his freedom in a controlled manner. He likes to go for a swim when he can too. Marley is very loving and is beginning to understand when to calm down."

Little Pye

Little Pye was born at Teckels after her mummy arrived two days before giving birth to her litter. Pye was one of seven puppies and was a lucky girl to find her forever home with her new big brother Monty who was also adopted from Teckels a few years ago! Her owner Amy sent in these pictures to let us know how she is settling in. She looks truly happy! 

Princess Zeeva

The lovely Zeeva is a gorgeous older lady who had been returned to Teckels due to a change in circumstances after eight years in her home. She spent a few months in a foster home and was then lucky enough to meet the wonderful Kathy who has sent some pictures of Zeeva in her new home! 

The lovely Larry

Larry was adopted from Teckels In January 2017. Helen, his new owner, has let us know that he has settled in very well and is enjoying his new life. Larry loves his Dreamies treats and is keeping his family busy with his crazy but lovable attitude to life!

Fliss's Story

Jon England sent us some great pictures and a lovely update about Fliss the cat. 

"In May 1998 our dear black and white cat Whiskey died suddenly from a ruptured aorta. She was 12 years old. We missed her so much that we decided to look for a black and white female kitten to replace her. I was working in Stonehouse at the time and a work colleague told me about Teckels at Whitminster so one lunchtime I popped along to see if they had any kittens. There were two black and white kittens, about 12 weeks old, who were sisters and had been rescued from a nearby farm.

When I approached their enclosure, one of the kittens, who had a distinctive white patch on her back, appeared bolder than the other so I asked if I could have her. We collected her a few days later and while we were there her sister was also rehomed on the same day. During the 30-mile drive home, Fliss cuddled up closely to Pat and was purring loudly most of the time. In fact it was more of a warble and she still does it to this day when she is contented!

Little Fliss joined our other two cats (Tom aged 11 and Queenie aged 8). Fliss followed Tom everywhere and playfully took swipes at him whenever she could. Every time Tom had enough of her he simply put one large paw on her and Fliss would run off... but not for long! Queenie, on the other hand, became ‘mum' and would call Fliss from outside the house as if to say, "come and see what I've got for you". When Fliss responded and went outside she found that Queenie had caught a mouse for her to play with – yuck! So Fliss was accepted by the other two and settled in very well, although her nervous nature was never far away.

Fliss found the litter tray a bit of a novelty and loved playing with the Fuller's Earth, digging holes in it then leaping high into the air and landing outside the tray. This was great fun for her and made a terrific mess for us but it was hilarious to watch her antics. She also stalked herself in the full-length mirror by arching her back and then slowly walking sideways towards the mirror before finally leaping at herself and running away!

Sadly, Tom suddenly fell ill in July 1998 and was diagnosed with feline HIV only two months after we brought Fliss home. He was a great protector of his property but all those fights in seeing off rivals had eventually taken their toll. He had been terminally infected and so we had to say goodbye. We were advised to have Queenie and Fliss tested and luckily both tests proved negative. The place was just not the same without a tom cat and so it was that in the following month during a Bank Holiday weekend we brought home an eight-week old tom kitten from a friend in Royal Wootton Bassett and named him Monty.

On 16th September 1998 Fliss was spayed. The vet told us to let her rest for a few days to recover from the surgery. That same evening Fliss went out and brought a mouse back in as if to say, "surgery? What surgery?". She has had few visits to the vets over the years apart from her annual boosters and in November 2010 at the age of 12 was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. However this is well controlled by a daily Vidalta tablet crushed into her food. She has become a little arthritic and last year she lost her hearing but still carries on as normal although she has become more vociferous lately.

Fliss is certainly an outdoor cat, spending most nights outside even in winter. She will come in for a feed and a warm-up by the fire for half an hour and then she's off out again for hours at a time. She always has been very nervous but loves cheese, is an excellent rat and mouse catcher, enjoys sleeping in the sun and has found some unusual places to sleep such as an old aquarium, a plastic greenhouse, an old aviary and a cardboard box under a hedge.

Our vet at The George Group, Royal Wootton Bassett, calls her 'a tough old bird' because, although there's nothing to her, Fliss is and always has been very resilient despite the upsetting first few weeks of her young life prior to being rescued and taken to Teckels. Fliss and Monty are still together today and are now in their 19th year."

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Warren and Belinda sent us a wonderful update after adopting Tazer. 

"Well, from the very first day we had Tazer we knew he would fit in with our lives perfectly. We opened the front door and that was it, he was off to explore everything, even our bed! It was a great summer. Tazer loved every minute and so did we.

When we lost our other dog at the good old age of 15 we thought we'd never get another Staffie like him but they have their own way of expressing themselves and Tazer does that, he's so funny. On day one he was out in the garden all day and would have stayed all night if we'd let him but I needed sleep, I felt like an old man by 9pm! The next day that was it, we were off up Robinswood Hill. Tazer loved it and that was our daily run out most days.One day, I got up a little later due to a party the night before, but Tazer was having none of that! He got his harness, came upstairs and shoved it in my face. How can you say no to that!

Tazer didn't take long to settle in. He was a little quiet for a week or so but now there's no stopping him. He loves greeting people on our walks and they love him. I can't move around the house or garden without him following me everywhere. Even when I see him asleep and get up to do something, he's awake and right behind me! Winter has arrived now but come rain or shine he still loves to go out for good walk and then settle down for a cuddle. He loves his new home and we love him. Thanks Teckels."


Kathy and Phil Morse adopted Bagpuss in April 14. He was initially rather shy and hid for a while before gaining confidence. He is now an extremely happy, contented boy who enjoys playing and LOVES his food. Kathy and Phil told us it took him six weeks before he left the floor. Now HE decides where he will sit and Kathy and Phil make do with the second best chair! He loves to cuddle up with them on their bed and is frequently known to return there after breakfast for a rather long lie in... 

Kathy and Phil sent us some photos with the message below.  

"Bagpuss is the love of our lives. We totally adore him and he knows it. He is one spoilt puss! Thank you Teckels for looking after him when he needed you most."

Mr Rabs and Abbie, the dynamic Manchester terrier duo

While Mr Rabs and Abbie had a good start to life with a loving family, they were rehomed due to a change in personal circumstance. The second home didn't work out and they found themselves at Teckels. These wonderful Manchester terriers found kennel life very stressful and while they are the most lovable pair, it was challenging finding the right family who would be able to provide them with a forever home together.

Happily, Sue and Gordon visited Teckels and they hit it off so well with Abbie and Mr Rabs that they adopted both dogs earlier this year. They have kindly given us an update and sent in the photos below. 

Sue tells us that Mr Rabs adores tennis balls and his confidence around other dogs is slowly improving, so much so that he is now happily playing ball with Whizz, Sue's mum's dog. She says Mr Rabs is the most caring and loving dog she has ever had and he has turned into an absolute lap dog! Abbie is a ‘lovely nut case'! Sue and Gordon have been putting in loads of work with her with recall training and she is making progress. Abbie is a ‘daddy's girl' and watches Gordon's every move when he is at home. She also waits to hear his van signalling his arrival home from work. She sometimes sits upfront in the van with him on little trips out together, which is her favourite time.

Mr Rabs and Abbie are now happy to do things individually and don't get stressed when parted for a while, which is a big move forward for them.


Jasper the parsons terrier pup

We were thrilled to hear from the Jones family who adopted Jasper in May 2014.

Jasper's story pre-adoption was heart-breaking. He was found by the side of a road, abandoned at approximately eight weeks of age but luckily brought to Teckels where he was placed in a foster home until the amazing Jones family adopted him. He's settled in beautifully with them and he's making friends with their parrot and cat! Jasper is particularly enjoying munching on their rug tassels and doing brilliantly with training. He can now sit on demand, bring the ball back when playing fetch and is great at walking on the harness and lead. We look forward to hearing more of Jasper's exploits!

Rosie's story

Rosie's story, below, is a wonderful update sent to us by Richard Boseley after he adopted her from Teckels. 

"Well, Rosie's story begins some time before we met with a very special dog called Rex. He and I were thrown together, a very odd match. He had issues with people, noise and life. He came from a life of dog fighting, scared and frightened of everything but food. Slowly we learned to trust each other and spent eight years together until that day you never want to come. He had been beaten by an aggressive prostate cancer.

The next three months were hard as I flitted from one rescue centre to another looking for a rescue dog to take Rex's place but every time talking myself out of any dog that suited me then feeling guilty for not taking a dog away with me.

At some point, something changed in me. I realised that Rex was irreplaceable, but knew for a fact that there was another dog waiting for me somewhere and that we would find each other when the time was right. When that time came, I took a deep breath and went back to Teckels who had been so caring with me and the dogs in their care. I was looking for an easy dog, small enough to fit in my van, good with people, good with animals. When they said 'Akita' I was expecting a small dog perfect for my life.

Then I met Rosie! She bounded in as bold as life itself resembling a small bear thinking, "why shouldn't everyone love me?". Rosie had been in a road traffic accident at some point and has two metal plates, one in her hip and one in her foot. She had been held in the dog pound and at another rescue centre and her last chance was Joan at Teckels, who, without hesitation, took her in. Rosie was a very happy dog when I first met her and I know this was due to the love, care and kindness she received from the people at Teckels who had undoubtedly saved her life.

So what next?

You guessed it, Rosie came home with me. At first she came as a foster dog, so that I didn't have to commit and feel disloyal to Rex, but by the end of the day I knew she would stay with me until the end of her days. Rosie's almost too big to fit on the seat of my van, she dislikes other dogs and will be on pain killers for the rest of her life which will probably be her demise. Some days she's like a pensioner and some days like a puppy, but importantly she is safe and loved and knows that she is.

As Rex took a part of me with him, Rosie has brought a lot to me. In three months I've learnt a lot about Rosie, but I've learnt more about myself. Rosie will never be Rex. She is a beautiful dog with a great big personality all of her own and I'm sure he's having the last laugh when she eats another toothbrush, but that's a small price to pay for the joy she gives me.

When I look at her curled up asleep and content and think about what she may have been through and what would have happened to her had it not been for people who really care, it fills my heart. And all from a simple rescue dog!"


Here's Hughie!

Thank you to the Thompson family for sharing this photo and letting us know how well Hughie is doing with them. Hughie was adopted back in 2007 and is still just as happy and bouncy! He is very much king of their house. Looking GORGEOUS Hughie!









Lily looking cosy!

We received this photo from Laura who adopted Lily from Teckels. As you can see she soon settled in and Laura says it feels like she has been part of her family forever.


Rowena McKenzie sent us a lovely update after adopting Tammy the cat. 

"We were half way up a Scottish mountain when the call came from Joan. Tammy, a 20-year-old cat had come into Teckels, due sadly to the illness of her previous owner. Tammy just needed a place in the sun in which to end her days. She would be the fourth in a succession of very elderly cats that we had rehomed from Teckels. We talked it over - more vet bills, more heartache? Of course we'd take her!!

A few days later we met her, a tiny ginger cat with big green eyes, with which she gave us a penetrating stare. Instantly she was up on our shoulders, purring into an ear and showing her mastery of the silent miaow. On a shoulder is where Tammy has chosen to be ever since, except when asleep on the boiler or in a patch of sun. We have become used to doing everything one handed!

Despite being the smallest cat we have ever shared our lives with, Tammy is completly unimpressed by the size or pedigree of other cats. When our two siamese cats are sprawled on the boiler, Tammy gets her elbows out and burrows in regardless. Visiting dogs, whether terriers or labradors, receive similar treatment, stopped in their tracks by a piercing stare from those big green eyes. Being profoundly deaf, noises don't faze her at all and having a cat come running towards you when you are hoovering is a novel experience!

Tammy has now been with us for well over a year, to our great delight. In that time she has calmly survived two illnesses which would have carried off most younger cats. These took the form of severe cat flu, and then a very rare, completely unexplained, and thankfully one-off abdominal problem, which caused her to blow up like a football! At the age of 21 she appears unchanged, and with her love of life undimmed. Long may it continue! Tammy is a testament to the rewards and privileges of sharing one's life with an older cat." 


It was great to hear from Jacqui Baxter with the following update about the lovely Lottie. 

"I adopted Lottie (previously known as Chocolate) last August. It took a couple of months for us to get acquainted and for me to change my life to suit a dog, but I can honestly say that I would not be without her now. Although, the day she decided to eat half of my car seat, I nearly had second thoughts!

The first time I took her out on Rodborough Common, I don't think she could believe her eyes. She didn't know how to contain her excitement. Dogs, cows, people, horses, which one to inspect first!! It took a few months for her to settle and realise that she was going to go for a walk EVERY day, and now she is very obedient (mostly).

She brings pleasure to me, my mum and my children, and it is true when they say that dog people are very nice people indeed. Thank you to everyone at Teckels for my little Lottie."


Thank you to Anna Francis for the following update about Tilda. 

"Tilda is happy and so are we. She is a delightful little dog and we are thrilled to bits with her. She is eating well and sleeping in her bed by the Aga. So far no puddles or mess. She has met most of the people in the village and most of the dogs, of which there are a large number. What a lovely little dog - aren't we lucky!"

Shandy and Simba

Betty Davies sent us this message after adopting Shandy and Simba the cats.

"I thought you might like to know how the two cats are now. They are absolutely spoilt and so lovely! Shandy is still a little larger than Simba, but they are the best of mates. Thanks and all the luck to Teckels."


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07 December 2019

We have had a great response to our shoe box appeal so far, including these lovingly wrapped boxes for our dogs and cats from Tamsin and Jordan.
Lilly has done a great job modelling them and can't wait to open one on Christmas day! 🎄🎁
A BIG thank you to everyone who had donated boxes so far! 🐶🐱
(please note, Lilly is not currently up for adoption as we are doing some further medical investigations. When she is ready she will go up on our website)

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06 December 2019

What a bunch of Christmas Catters we have for you this week! Leading the black pack we have Amy (4, F) who loves a fuss and Binks (1, M) a shy boy with great lap cat potential. We have two purrfect pairs in Eddie and Freddie (4 and 2, M) - very different characters who share a strong bond. Then there’s Rodney and Chicco (14 weeks and 2 years, M) who are looking for a home together. We have a couple of older girls in Lulu (9) who enjoys a warm lap and Misty (12) who is a low maintenance girl but will let you know when she wants a fuss. And finally there is Tamico (1, M) who is a great lover and likes a lot of fuss. For further details on any of our cats for rehoming please call reception on 01452 740300 or visit the website at 🙏🐾

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