EGM Chairman’s Statement

EGM Chairman’s Statement

I am delighted to confirm that at the EGM on 27 August 2014 the motion to ask the trustees to resign was defeated by fifty-five votes to twenty-seven. May I take this opportunity to thank those of you who voted whether in person or by proxy in support of the present trustees remaining in office. The meeting did not raise any new issues and it was accepted that the trustees had not acted in any way improperly but concentrated on the day to day management issues that had been raised in the original letter sent by Pauline Harris to some members. None of these were issues that would justify the resignation of any trustees let alone all of them. Calling and holding the meeting has cost the Charity money in postage and out of pocket expenses which would have been better spent on looking after the animals in our care.

The provision in the Articles of the Charity under which this meeting was called is there to enable members to call a meeting where matters of fundamental concern such as mismanagement or misappropriation of funds occur. In this instance there was no suggestion of either of these. Let us hope that we can now move on without further discussion.

The present trustees’ sole interest is to follow the objects of the Charity and make the Charity a success. This involves fully engaging with our staff, volunteers and members in our efforts to improve the Charity’s facilities and service to our customers. We had a tremendously successful Dog Show raising almost £3,000 profit and we intend to improve the return from all of the Charity?s organised events. We wish to encourage new sponsors, members, boarders and volunteers and make Teckels an even warmer and friendlier place which we can all be proud of. A copy of the EGM Minutes are kept at the charity’s registered office, Teckels Animal Sanctuaries for inspection by Members.


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