Dot the wonky pup needs your help!

Dot the wonky pup needs your help!

Dorothy is an adorable 13-week-old miniature schnauzer who came to us 2 weeks ago after the breeder was unable to sell her, due to a suspected neurological condition.  We lovingly refer to her as ‘Dot the wonky pup’ as her condition causes her to move around as if she is drunk, occasionally falling over. 

Our vets have confirmed that she is happy and doesn't appear to be in any pain, however we have decided to refer Dot to a specialist to understand more about her condition and enable us to fully inform new owners of her ongoing needs.

Dot is very sweet and loves everyone she meets, she happily runs around and is a very playful.

Ultimately, she will need a patient home where she can take things at her own pace.  She may benefit from living with another tolerant dog to help show her the ropes. Training may take a little longer and new owners will need to keep in mind the hard work that goes into adopting a puppy, especially one that may require medical help throughout their lives.

When it comes to cats and dogs, we believe that every animal deserves loving care irrespective of health, age or temperament. This includes sick animals like Dorothy, requiring specialist veterinary treatment.

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