We are taking applications once again for little Doug, but please be aware that we will not be able to do any introductions until Covid restrictions have been lifted (for him in particular). If you are interested in adopting Doug, please read the below very carefully and only apply if you fit all of the criteria.

4 year old male French Bulldog

Little Dougie is now ready to start looking for his forever home. Dougie has been with us for some time while we investigated some medical and behavioural issues, but now these are manageable he’s ready to find his feet in a new home. There are still some things in the world that can worry Dougie so his must haves for a new pad include: an adult only home (over 18 year olds in the home only), someone who is around for most of the day, minimal visitors and to have a resident dog(s). Please note, we will not consider homes outside of these requirements at this time.

Dougie absolutely loves playing with his canine pals, especially if he can play a little rough in true Frenchie style, but he also loves to curl up and have a snuggle with them too. We do think that living with another dog may help take some of the pressure off him to connect with his new humans straight away. Don’t worry, this will come with time but in the meantime, he needs a doggy friend to help him settle. He would suit doggy pals who will play with him but also allow him to have downtime.

Dougie loves training; he’s very clever, is really food motivated and loves to please the people he knows. There are some ongoing training needs for Dougie, particularly around handling and doorways/leaving so that fact he enjoys training is a real winner.

Toys are one of Dougie’s favorite things, the louder the better! He’ll chase them, throw them around and occasionally relieve them of their stuffing, oops!

We would encourage adopters to be aware of his health problems which are typical of the breed and monitor the amount of zooming about he’s doing. Some of his conditions wont be covered by insurance either, so adopters will need to be mindful if that.

Dougie is often described as a petite pocket rocket here at Teckels and has a huge, cheeky personality for such a little chap. Although he is going to be a project pet, he will definitely make his new family smile with his funny quirks.

As he is wary of new people, we would like his new family to come to the centre multiple times to really get to know him. We would also like to do some home visits to help him feel brave ready for the big ‘going home day’. We would also need Dougies new family to live within an hour of the centre so we can continue to monitor his health issues. If you feel you match the bill for this beautiful boy, please see the how to adopt section and get in touch.


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