Male chihuahua cross- 11yrs old

Foxy is a lovely little guy that would prefer a quieter home where he can mooch and potter around as he pleases.

He doesn’t need a huge amount of exercise but still enjoys his daily walks.

New owners will need to be prepared to do some house-training with him, as he does tend to scent mark in new places intially.

He loves company and a good neck scratch when he knows you, but doesn’t like to be picked up and over-handled.

He has had his coat clipped, but we would advise regular brushing and grooming as he is a long haired dog.

He doesn’t want to share his home with another dog, as he likes to have the space to himself.

We are investigating some minor health issues with the vets, but these can be discussed with any potential adopters.

**If you are interested in adopting little Foxy, please refer to our ‘how to adopt’ page and ensure you have included all relevant info in your application. **


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