Mowgli & Otter (reserved)

Mowgli & Otter (reserved)

3 year old & 13 year old male spaniels

We have totally fallen for this pair during lockdown!

They sadly came into Teckels after their owner was no longer able to care for them. They both have fab personalities with their own quirks and perks as folows:

Otter- the older gentleman loves nothing more than going for a nice quiet walk and then back for treats and snuggles. He will still chase a ball and have a little play with Mowgli, but is definitely now starting to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life.

He isn’t keen on other dogs and can sometimes bark on a walk, although can have walking friends once settled in and introduced.

Mowgli- a typically bouncy sprocker spaniel. He loves going for walks, having playtime with his toys and food!

He is very wary around new people, so will need slow and gentle intros to potential adopters and visitors. Once he knows you he adores a fuss and cuddle, but would rather play fetch if given the opportunity. Adopters will need to be mindful of the exercise levels of the breed, and the grooming required for both dogs.

Mowgli likes to play with some of the other dogs here at Teckels, and is more sociable with dogs than Otter.

Neither dog likes cats, and would prefer a home with no young children. or other dogs.

Even though the boys are at different stages in life, they are very much bonded to one another and would love to find a home together.

We anticipate a large amount of applications for this handsome pair, so will closing applications on Wednesday 22rd July. If you are interested in adopting this handsome due, please follow the guidelines on our ‘how to adopt ‘ page.


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