Archie (reserved)

Archie (reserved)

4 year old male cross breed

Archie is a sensitive boy who is looking for a special home just for him. This beautiful boy is a ‘project pet’ and will need some long term help with his behavioural quirks. Archie finds meeting new people incredibly difficult so will need an area of the house he can retreat to and be kept safe when visitors are around.  Once he knows you, he really enjoys human company so although wary of strangers would like his owners to be around for some of the time during the day to keep him entertained.

Archie is a super clever chap so it would be great if his new family are keen to continue his basic obedience skills. He loves food so is always happy to do some training and earn his tasty treats. This will also help towards managing Archie’s behaviour in the future. Archie also enjoys playing fetch with his toys and being out for walks as long as they are in a quiet location. He is an active dog and will need a lot of exercise to burn off all those treats!

He has a wonderfully cheeky personality, and enjoys being spoilt, but it would be great to harness Archie’s clever brain to good use. He adores learning new things, and may even like basic agility or heel work in the garden.

Please be prepared that Archie is likely to take a long while to really settle into his new life and be aware that there are somethings he may never be able to do. We would encourage any potential adopters to look past his cute and fluffiness and really consider whether taking on a project pet is the right thing for you. Archie is unable to live with children or other pets. He will need a home with minimal visitors and in a quiet, rural area. Due to his fear of strangers, we would require his new family to come to the centre for multiple meets on a regular basis. We appreciate that this is a lot to ask but this will set Archie up to be successful in his new home with someone he has learnt to know and trust.

If you are interested in adopting Archie, please follow the guidance on our ‘how to adopt’ page.


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