Update 1/8/20- Bubbles has been offered a foster home, so we are going to let her settle and get more info before considering any of the applications. That way we can give you all as much detail as possible 🙂

2 year old female spaniel cross

Bubbles is a super clever girl with heaps of potential , she really enjoys learning new tricks and being out and about on quiet walks with lots to sniff. Bubbles arrived at the centre as a stray and although has no history, we do think that she may have been an outdoor dog. This does mean that Bubbles new family will need to be incredibly patient with her while she settles into home life as this may be something she could find quite stressful. Housetraining may also take some time with her.

We would consider bubbles to be a ‘project pet’ she does have some behavioural quirks and therefore is looking for a fairly specific home. She would be best suited to an adult only home, with no other pets. She will need access to a secure garden and will need to be walked in areas that are not highly dog populated. She will also need to live in an area away from busy roads. Bubbles will need to meet her new family multiple times before going home, including her favourite handlers bringing her out to her new home to help her find her feet.

Although Bubbles does need a specific home, the family who is lucky enough to have this little lady in their life will not be disappointed. Once Bubbles knows you, she is super snuggly and loves nothing more than a good neck scratch on the sofa. She is incredibly smart and has already racked up an impressive list of basic obedience skills and absolutely has the brains to learn more! Bubbles is always ready for a good game of tuggy and will never say no to playing fetch.

Bubbles would suit an active family who are keen to help put her clever brain to good use, and although they will need to be committed to her, will be rewarded with a fantastic pet as a result.

If you are interested in adopting Bubbles, please follow the guidelines on the ‘how to adopt’ page. Please note we will require any potential adopters to meet several times at the centre.


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