Billy & Poppy

Billy & Poppy

Name: Billy & Poppy 

Age: 12 years & 14 years

Breed: Westie


Billy & Poppy are looking for a loving retirement home to spend their remaining years in.

They are a bonded pair with their own characters, and would love nothing more than to enjoy plenty of TLC in a quiet home. 

Poppy is a slower her feet, and tends to like to plod around and then enjoy watching the world go by under a warm blanket, Billy however is a typical cheeky westie who still enjoys his walks and exploring.

Both crave human company and would prefer a home where someone is around most of the day. 

Both dogs enjoy a fuss, but wouldn’t be suitable to live with small children or other dogs/cats.

We’d love to see these two enjoy christmas in their forever home, they really are sweet dogs.

They are currently in a foster home, so If you would like to know more, please give Teckels a call on 01452 740300 or pop in.


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