2015 AGM Took Place

2015 AGM Took Place

Thank you to all those who were either able to return their proxy voting form or attend the 2015 AGM. We hope your found the evening to be both informative and interesting. Accounting Records are available at the Charity’s registered office, Teckels Animal Sanctuaries for inspection by Members.

Draft 1 minutes were emailed on 23 April or posted to Members with the April newsletter.

We were contacted by a Member who attended the AGM to advise a question he asked had not been accurately recorded in the Minutes circulated. A draft 2 of the minutes was created and circulated to Members who attended the AGM. The trustees were again contacted by the same Member who reported his query was still not accurately reported. We have therefore requested the Member provides the wording of his question to ensure this is captured accurately for the Charity’s records. Once we have received this, we will draft a version 3 minutes. Draft 3 will be kept on file at at our registered office, Teckels Animal Sanctuaries. If you would like to inspect the draft 3 minutes, or would like a hard copy sent to you, please contact Abigail or Heath. These draft minutes will be as per normal procedure, available at the 2016 AGM where they will be again shared with Members, approved and then signed by the Chair in accordance with the Companies Act as the FInal Minutes.

Your Board of Trustees for the coming year are:- Abigail Brooks-Daw, Graeme Clark, Heath Gunter and Peter Morrison.

Thank you to Clive Rogers who continues as Treasurer.


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