Teckels never puts a healthy pet down, but as you can imagine, this comes at a cost, especially with our long-term residents. We couldn’t do any of our rescue work without the generosity of our amazing sponsors, donors and volunteers and we greatly appreciate their continued support.

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Rescue & Rehoming

Because every animal is special….

When it comes to cats and dogs, we believe that every animal deserves loving care irrespective of health, age or temperament. Whatever an animal’s history we provide active rehabilitation and training with the aim of finding the best possible home


Feedback from our rehomers

We are so pleased we adopted them. We often say we couldn’t have picked two happier, cuddlier cats & very cute ones too – at least, that’s what we think although we are biased!
Darce had a difficult time before Teckels but got his happy ever after and so did we! At first, he was frightened of loud noises and didn’t really know how to play ball or enjoy life.
I would like to give a big shout out to all the staff at Teckels, who made me feel welcome from day one.

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